Plan ahead

Factor translation and editing into your production schedule.

Plan for at least one business day for every 1500 words you need translated.

When having existing documents edited, count on one hour per five to seven hundred words, plus processing time.

So many ways to save money!

If you want us to translate only certain parts of a document, or update an existing translation based on changes made to the source text, highlight the relevant parts.

Also, always try to send us the final version.

And last but not least, by planning ahead, you’ll save yourself considerable stress! 

Be concise

Translations are charged by word of source text.

Save money by developing an in-house writing policy encouraging concision.

Remember: simple is best. 

Be Word-wise

Acrobat’s Portable Document Format (PDF) offers a clever means of sharing and distributing documents.

However, it’s not very useful to a translator, since the text has to be extracted into a Word document and manually converted, which is a time-consuming task.

Most PDFs are derived from documents originally created with word processing software, so giving us the original document rather than the PDF will save time and money.

And keep in mind that we can work with many different document formats, so just let us know what your needs are.

Share your knowledge

Tell us all you know about your company and audience.

Provide us with terminology and reference materials. If the context is anything less than completely obvious to everyone, fill us in.

The better informed we are, the happier you’ll be with the results. 


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